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Theft Lawyers and Crimes in Fairfax Virginia

Have You Been Accused of Theft? Being convicted of a theft charge can change your life forever, and not for the best. Once convicted, and sometimes if you were simply charged but not convicted, you may not be able to get certain jobs nor be put in any form of... read more

Fairfax County Hit and Run Lawyer

Can I Face Criminal Penalties for a Hit and Run? We are human beings and because of this we are not perfect all of the time. However, because we are human, whenever we are in the wrong, one of two things tends to happen: We accept whatever consequences come from our... read more

Fairfax County DWI Enforcement Over Holidays

DUIs During the Holidays Most people cannot wait for the holidays to come around. Holidays are usually connected to friends, family, parties, and fun. Though every day may be important to you, there are certain holidays that require a good time with family and... read more

Juvenile Drug Distribution Lawyer Fairfax Va

Juvenile Drug Distribution Charges Kids do stupid things. Maybe because they are following cultural suggestions or maybe because they just want to make an easy buck, minors sometimes get caught up in the drug distribution racket. Their parents are probably aware that... read more

Fairfax Va Juvenile Traffic Lawyer

What are the Consequences of a Juvenile Traffic Violations? Despite the common belief, traffic violations are actually fairly serious business. This can be especially true for juvenile traffic convictions, which can have a whole range of consequences for the child. A... read more

Fairfax Va Juvenile Assault and Battery Lawyer

Juvenile Assault and Battery There was a time when fights between youths were just considered a normal part of growing up. The Commonwealth understood this as well and made an effort not to prosecute such scuffles. However, the Commonwealth more and more these days... read more

When Is Domestic Violence a Felony Under Virginia Law?

WHEN IS DOMESTIC VIOLENCE A FELONY IN VIRGINIA? Domestic Violence, or Assault and battery against a family or household member as it is known under Virginia law is typically a class 1 misdemeanor.  That means that it is technically punishable by up to 12 months in... read more


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