Reckless Driving Pre-Court Preparations

Preparing for a Fairfax Reckless Driving Charge

While all accused of reckless driving want to be cleared of the charges against them, it is always a good idea for defendants to take preparatory steps prior to appearing in court to ensure the best possible outcome. The list featured below provides an idea of some things one can do in advance to for the betterment of their Virginia reckless driving case.

Keep in mind that when it comes to the law, there is no one size that fits all. Before taking action on any of these tips, be sure to consult an experienced Fairfax defense lawyer first.


1.   Know your driving record

While almost every Fairfax reckless driving case will have a different outcome, the result will vary largely based on the offender’s history behind the wheel. Those who have clean driving records are more likely to get better results than those who have several violations on theirs, making it crucial to know exactly what appears on one’s record when developing a defense strategy. As the officer who wrote the ticket is likely going to bring a copy of a defendant’s driving record to court and present it to the judge anyways, it is best to be prepared.

2.   Get your speedometer calibrated

Should a motorist have an inaccurate speedometer, many judges will take that factor into account and be more lenient. While it isn’t always guaranteed to get a sentence reduction, many times having a calibration can be beneficial as doing so will show whether one’s speedometer is working properly or not. If it is malfunctioning, the calibration will also show how many miles per hour the speedometer has been off.

There are several locations in the Fairfax area that will provide this service for a small fee. Contact our skilled Fairfax defense attorneys for a free consultation and we will be happy to provide information on where and how to get speedometers calibrated.

3.   Set Your Expectations

On a defendant’s court date, their Virginia reckless driving lawyer will meet with the prosecutor and get a plea offer, informing an offender what will happen if they agree to plead guilty. As the plea bargain can call for a reduction in the charge, it is vital for defendant’s to consult their legal counsel before their court date to explore the types of offers one will reject and which they would accept. Especially if the decision of whether or not to accept a plea offer requires one to talk to their employer or insurance company, doing this before going to court is paramount.

4.  Talk to an Experienced Virgina Defense Lawyer

Regardless of whether one believes they were going the speed the officer says they were traveling, it is crucial to never plead guilty to anything before talking to a defense attorney. Even if a defendant is guilty, experienced legal counsel will work to ensure that the person gets the best possible results. At a bare minimum, consulting an attorney will provide insight as to what a fair result would be for a particular case. Between fees, fines, and a possible loss of income, it makes sense to invest a few minutes to learn one’s rights.

5.  Take a Driver Improvement Class (In Certain Cases)

Sometimes, a driver improvement class can be a good way to help your case. Found on the DMV’s Website and can be completed in person or online, these courses show the judge and the prosecutor that an offender is working to improve their skills and behavior behind the wheel. The class will also improve one’s driving record by giving the individual five good points.

However, taking a class is not always beneficial. If the accused already has a clean driving record, taking a driver improvement class will disguise previous good behavior and make it appears as if the balance is because of the class as opposed to skillful driving. And as there are also times when enrolling in the course after going to court makes more sense, talking to a lawyer before signing up for any class is always a good idea.

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